Risotto with Cod, Carrots and Lemon


Stefan's Gourmet Blog

Doesn’t this risotto have a great color? I had some carrots, some fish stock, and some canned tomatoes I needed to use up, and thus this risotto was born. The cod was a nice addition that I bought especially for the dish. The flavor combination of carrot with lemon and cod works well, although it doesn’t have a pronounced carrot taste if that is what you’re looking for. I’d say adding the tomatoes is optional. It deepens the color and adds some umami, but is not really necessary. I used it because it needed to be used up. The cod is cooked in the hot risotto while it rests. That way, the cod is tender and juicy instead of dry and flaky. The carrots are steamed above the fish stock, so any flavor leaking from the carrots will end up in the risotto anyway. Here’s what I did…


For 2…

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